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C hazards must be translated into design

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Unformatted text preview: s. HAZARD Train starts with door open. DESIGN CRITERION Train must not be capable of moving with any door open. Doors must remain closed while train is in motion. Door must be capable of opening only after train is stopped and properly aligned with platform unless emergency exists (see below). Door areas must be clear before door closing begins. An obstructed door must reopen to permit removal of obstruction and then automatically reclose. Means must be provided to open doors anywhere when the train is stopped for emergency evacuation. Door opens while train is in motion. Door opens while improperly aligned with station platform. Door closes while someone is in doorway. Door that closes on an obstruction does not reopen or reopened door does not reclose. Doors cannot be opened for emergency evacuation. Example PHA for ATC Approach Control HAZARDS 1. A pair of controlled aircraft violate minimum separation standards. REQUIREMENTS/CONSTRAINTS 1a. ATC shall provide advisories that maintain saf...
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