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Unformatted text preview: dents, management, regulatory authorities Can use a concrete model of control (SpecTRM−RL) that is executable and analyzable Ò Ï è › ç š æ ™ å ä ˜ ⠗ ã â á c ê Ï è › ç š æ ™ å ä ˜ ⠗ ã â á c TCAS Hazards 1. A near mid−air collision (NMAC) (a pair of controlled aircraft violate minimum separation standards) 2. A controlled maneuver into the ground 3. Loss of control of aircraft 4. Interference with other safety−related aircraft systems 5. Interference with ground−based ATC system 6. Interference with ATC safety−related advisory › š ™ ˜ — STPA − Step 2: Define basic control structure Displays Aural Alerts Airline Ops Mgmt. Advisories Own and Other Aircraft Information Operating Mode Pilot TCAS Air...
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