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Unformatted text preview: . Software System Safety Nancy G. Leveson MIT Aero/Astro Dept. c Copyright by the author, November 2004. VENT GEARBOX CONDENSER CATALYST VAPOR REFLUX COOLING WATER LA LC REACTOR COMPUTER Types of Accidents Component Failure Accidents Single or multiple component failures Usually assume random failure System Accidents Arise in interactions among components No components may have "failed" Caused by interactive complexity and tight coupling Exacerbated by the introduction of computers. . .             c �             Accident with No Component Failures c � . . Safety Reliability Accidents in high−tech systems are changing their nature, and we must change our approaches to safety accordingly. . . Confusing Safety and Reliability From an FAA report on ATC software architectures: "The FAA’s en route automation meets the criteria for consideration as a safety−critical system. Therefore, en route automation systems must posses ultra−high reliability."...
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