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Flight software honeywell aerospace monitor software

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Unformatted text preview: nostic information from the SRI that is available on the databus. Control Algorithm Flaw: Interprets diagnostic information from SRI as flight data and uses it for flight control calculations. With both SRI and backup SRI shut down and therefore no possibility of getting correct guidance and attitude information, loss was inevitable. • ” ’ ‰ ‘ ‡  …   „ ‹ ƒ Œ ‹ Š c ARIANE 5 LAUNCHER OBC Executes flight program; Controls nozzles of solid boosters and Vulcain cryogenic engine A B Nozzle command Main engine command Booster Nozzles Main engine Nozzle Diagnostic and flight information D SRI Measures attitude of launcher and its movements in space C Horizontal velocity Backup SRI Measures attitude of launcher and its movements in space; Takes over if SRI unable to send guidance info Strapdown inertial platform C Horizontal velocity SRI (Inertial Reference System): SRI Safety Constraint Violated: The SRI must continue to send guidance information as long as it can get the necessar...
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