hw7_1_6243_2003 - I=eye(n x0=inv(I eA(I-eA*inv(A*B C=[0 1...

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function hw7_1_6243_2003(p,r) % function hw7_1_6243_2003(p,r) % % searches for unstable unimodal cycles of half-period 1 for dx/dt=Ax+Bsign(Cx), % where p is the characteristic polynomial of A [A,B]=ssdata(tf(1,p)); eA=expm(A); n=size(A,1);
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Unformatted text preview: I=eye(n); x0=inv(I+eA)*(I-eA)*inv(A)*B; C=[0 1 r]/[x0 B A*x0]; N=300; t=linspace(0,1,N); y=lsim(ss(A,B,C,0),ones(N,1),t,x0); y=squeeze(y); abs(eig(eA-(B-A*x0)*C*eA/(C*(B-A*x0)))) close(gcf); plot(t,y); grid...
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