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Handed out: 2 March 06 Due: 9 March 06 16.423J/HST515J/ESD65 Space Biomedical Engineering and Life Support Systems Muscle Homework Assignment Illustrations are highly desired in answers! 1. (1 points) From the readings and lecture, please describe the sliding filament mechanism. 2. (1 points) Briefly discuss muscle coactivation. 3. (2 points) A muscle is supporting a mass as shown: The sketch also depicts some of the circuitry of the spinal reflex arcs. e is a descending efferent input to the α motoneuron. Open circles depict excitatory synapses, filled circles depict inhibitory synapses. Assume the following grossly simplified response characteristics for the muscle spindle, tendon organ, and muscle. Muscle spindle: I = aL + bL ˙ a Tendon organ: I b = cF Muscle: F = kL + d 0 1 , F 0 Derive a second-order differential equation relating muscle length, L, to descending efferent input, e, under the following conditions: A. No afferent feedback B. Tendon organ feedback only C. Muscle spindle feedback only D. Both types of feedback Assume the -motoneuron synapse acts as a simple summer and ignore transportation delays. Comment on the effect of any change in the values of the parameters a, b, and c which might be caused by γ -motoneuron activity or a change in the influence of the I b afferent on the -motoneuron synapse.
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4. (4 points) Simulink exercise on muscle atrophy of long-duration space flight: models, results and consequences. A. Copy into your directory the 3 Matlab files provided by Dr. Joe Saleh. They are available on the web site in the Assignment section. Be sure to copy the files in a directory included in the path. Save them with the correct extension (joe_env.mat,
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assign_3 - Handed out 2 March 06 Due 9 March 06...

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