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fixit_facts2 - (not-inflated wheel2(unlocked boot(fastened...

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(wrench Object) (jack Object) (pump Object) (the-hub Hub) (the-hub Object) (nuts Nut) (nuts Object) (boot Container) (wheel1 Object) (wheel2 Object) (wheel1 Wheel) (wheel2 Wheel) (preconds (intact wheel2) (in jack boot) (in pump boot) (in wheel2 boot) (in wrench boot) (on wheel1 the-hub) (on-ground the-hub) (tight nuts the-hub)
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Unformatted text preview: (not-inflated wheel2) (unlocked boot) (fastened the-hub) (closed boot)) (effects (tight nuts the-hub) (closed boot) (in jack boot) (in pump boot) (in wheel1 boot) (in wrench boot) (inflated wheel2) (on wheel2 the-hub))...
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