fixit_ops - (operator undo (params (<x> Nut)...

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This is Russell's flat tire domain. (operator open (params (<x> Container)) (preconds (unlocked <x>) (closed <x>)) (effects (del closed <x>) (open <x>))) (operator close (params (<x> Container)) (preconds (open <x>)) (effects (del open <x>) (closed <x>))) (operator fetch (params (<x> Object) (<y> Container)) (preconds (in <x> <y>) (open <y>)) (effects (del in <x> <y>) (have <x>))) (operator put-away (params (<x> Object) (<y> Container)) (preconds (have <x>) (open <y>)) (effects (in <x> <y>) (del have <x>))) (operator loosen (params (<x> Nut) (<y> Hub)) (preconds (have wrench) (tight <x> <y>) (on-ground <y>)) (effects (loose <x> <y>) (del tight <x> <y>))) (operator tighten (params (<x> Nut) (<y> Hub)) (preconds (have wrench) (loose <x> <y>) (on-ground <y>)) (effects (tight <x> <y>) (del loose <x> <y>))) (operator jack-up (params (<y> Hub)) (preconds (on-ground <y>) (have jack)) (effects (not-on-ground <y>) (del on-ground <y>) (del have jack))) (operator jack-down
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(params (<x> Hub)) (preconds (not-on-ground <x>)) (effects (del not-on-ground <x>) (on-ground <x>) (have jack)))
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Unformatted text preview: (operator undo (params (<x> Nut) (<y> Hub)) (preconds (not-on-ground <y>) (fastened <y>) (have wrench) (loose <x> <y>)) (effects (have <x>) (unfastened <y>) (del fastened <y>) (del loose <x> <y>))) (operator do-up (params (<x> Nut) (<y> Hub)) (preconds (have wrench) (unfastened <y>) (not-on-ground <y>) (have <x>)) (effects (loose <x> <y>) (fastened <y>) (del unfastened <y>) (del have <x>))) (operator remove-wheel (params (<x> Wheel) (<y> Hub)) (preconds (not-on-ground <y>) (on <x> <y>) (unfastened <y>)) (effects (have <x>) (free <y>) (del on <x> <y>))) (operator put-on-wheel (params (<x> Wheel) (<y> Hub)) (preconds (have <x>) (free <y>) (unfastened <y>) (not-on-ground <y>)) (effects (on <x> <y>) (del free <y>) (del have <x>))) (operator inflate (params (<x> Wheel)) (preconds (have pump) (not-inflated <x>) (intact <x>)) (effects (del not-inflated <x>) (inflated <x>))) (operator cuss (params) (preconds) (effects (del annoyed)))...
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This note was uploaded on 11/07/2011 for the course AERO 16.410 taught by Professor Brianwilliams during the Fall '05 term at MIT.

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fixit_ops - (operator undo (params (<x> Nut)...

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