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- <GRAPH> - <VERTEX name="S" x="5" y="1"> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,1]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,2]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> </VERTEX> - <VERTEX name="Node[6,1]" x="6" y="1"> <EDGE vertex="S" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,1]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,2]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,2]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> </VERTEX> - <VERTEX name="Node[7,1]" x="7" y="1"> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,1]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,2]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,2]" length="1.0" /> </VERTEX> - <VERTEX name="Node[5,2]" x="5" y="2"> <EDGE vertex="S" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,1]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,3]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,3]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> </VERTEX> - <VERTEX name="Node[6,2]" x="6" y="2"> <EDGE vertex="S" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,1]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,1]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,3]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,3]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,3]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> </VERTEX> - <VERTEX name="Node[7,2]" x="7" y="2"> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,1]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,1]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,3]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[7,3]" length="1.0" /> </VERTEX> - <VERTEX name="Node[5,3]" x="5" y="3"> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,2]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,2]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[6,3]" length="1.0" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[4,4]" length="1.4142135623730951" /> <EDGE vertex="Node[5,4]" length="1.0" />
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