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Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making Brian Williams 16.410/16.413 Se ssion 1 1 Today’s Assignment • Read Chapters 1 and 2 of AIMA – “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig • Begin reading “Java in a Nutshell” Outline • Objectives and Logistics • Agents and Their Building Blocks Course Objective 1: Agent Architectures 1. To appreciate the major types of agents, their major functions and the applications they support. 2. To understand the common architectures used to develop agents. Understanding exercised through case studies. Types of Agents (Objective 1) • Mission-oriented Agents • Self-repairing Agents • Mobile Agents • Agile Agents • Communicating Agents Plan Execute Monitor & Diagnosis Locate in World Plan Routes Map Agent Architecture (Objective 1) Maneuver and Track Communicate and Interpret 1
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Course Objective 2: Principles of Agents 16.410/13: To learn the modeling and algorithmic building blocks for creating reasoning and learning agents: 1. To formulate reasoning problems in an appropriate formal representation. 2. To describe, analyze and demonstrate the application of reasoning algorithms to solve these problem formulations. Understanding demonstrated on paper and through implementation. Introduction to modeling, algorithms and analysis the next two Wednesday. Introduction to implementation the next two Mondays. Course Objective 3: Implementing Agents 16.413: To appreciate the challenges of building a state of the art autonomous explorer: Fall 03: • Mars Exploration Rover shadow mode demonstration. Fall 04:
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l1_bw_intro - Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making...

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