problemset4 - import mit16_410_13.*; import...

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import mit16_410_13.*; import java.util.LinkedList; public class ProblemSet4 { public static void main (String [] args) throws Exception { { System.out.println("\nProblem set 4 Problem 1"); Simplex problem=new Simplex(); LinkedList ofl=new LinkedList(); ofl.add(new Variable("x1", 1)); ofl.add(new Variable("x2", 2)); problem.addObjectiveFunction("z", ofl); LinkedList c1l=new LinkedList(); c1l.add(new Variable("x1", 1)); c1l.add(new Variable("x2", 3)); problem.addConstraint("<=", 8, c1l, "y1"); LinkedList c2l=new LinkedList(); c2l.add(new Variable("x1", 1)); c2l.add(new Variable("x2", 1)); problem.addConstraint("<=", 4, c2l, "y2"); problem.describeProblem(System.out); try { problem.solveProblem(); System.out.print("\n\nSolved in "); System.out.print(problem.getSolutionTime()/1000.0); System.out.println(" seconds.\n"); problem.printSolution(System.out); } catch (SimplexException e) { System.out.println("Simplex Exception"); } } { System.out.println("\nProblem set 4 Problem 2"); Simplex problem=new Simplex();
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problemset4 - import mit16_410_13.*; import...

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