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Massachusetts Institute of Technology 16.410/13 Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making Problem Set #2 Problem set due Session 6 Objective You will implement in Java the following search algorithms: 1. Depth-first 2. Breadth-first 3. Depth-Limited 4. Iterative Deepening And perform an empirical evaluation of three methods (depth-first-search, breadth-first- search, and iterative-deepening on a set of provided benchmark examples. You will demonstrate good programming style including the appropriate use of exceptions, comments, interfaces, and classes. You will use the implemented search algorithms to solve several problems. You will first demonstrate your algorithms on a simple test case (Problem 2) and then you will run your algorithms on a sequence of five different graphs and analyze the results (Problem 3). In addition, the second objective of this problem set is to develop your skill at performing an asymptotic analysis of uninformed search. Background Implement according to the lecture notes. Use AIMA chapter 3 for background reading but implement according to the lecture notes (not AIMA). Uninformed search methods were developed in the notes for lectures three, four and five. Lecture three developed the basic concepts, pseudo-code and application to simple problems. Lecture four presented background on implementation within Java, while Lecture five introduced asymptotic performance analysis. Additional background on uninformed search is provided in Chapter 3 of AIMA.
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Asymptotic analysis is a powerful method for analyzing computational systems. We recommend that those who are interested in learning more about asymptotic analysis read any of Chapters 1 - 4 of “Introduction to Algorithms,” by Thomas Cormen, Charles Leiserson and Ronald Rivest, MIT Press. Problem 1 Implementation Implement a general search capability with methods to the following search methods: breadth-first-search, depth-first-search, depth-limited-search, and iterative-deepening- search. Write Jutil tests for each of these search algorithms. Demonstrate that your implementations of all four search algorithms work correctly and handle exceptional cases such a data mal-formed data structures or failed searches gracefully. Your search implementation must observe the following specifications in order for our
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ps2 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 16.410/13...

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