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7 March 2006 Term Project Expanded Outline Due: 4 April 2006 16.423/ESD.65/HST.515 Space Biomedical Engineering & Life Support Systems Term Project Guidelines Your outline and final project report should follow the format specified below. In your expanded outline, you should: (1) introduce your team members and specify their role(s) on the team, and (2) identify the major points that will be developed within each of the sections listed below. Problem Statement o Literature Review Hypotheses / Specific Aims
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Unformatted text preview: • Methods o Analysis o Experimental o Design • Results • Discussion • Teaching/Outreach o We will provide several venues for you to share one of the fundamental engineering or science principles from your project with a younger audience. In your outline, identify the aspect of your project that you might be able to make accessible to a broader audience, and propose a method to teach that principle (demonstration, design challenge, discussion, lecture, etc.)....
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