ac3_lat - Model { Name "ac3_lat" Version 5.0...

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Unformatted text preview: Model { Name "ac3_lat" Version 5.0 SaveDefaultBlockParams on SampleTimeColors off LibraryLinkDisplay "none" WideLines off ShowLineDimensions off ShowPortDataTypes off ShowLoopsOnError on IgnoreBidirectionalLines off ShowStorageClass off ExecutionOrder off RecordCoverage off CovPath "/" CovSaveName "covdata" CovMetricSettings "dw" CovNameIncrementing off CovHtmlReporting on covSaveCumulativeToWorkspaceVar on CovSaveSingleToWorkspaceVar on CovCumulativeVarName "covCumulativeData" CovCumulativeReport off DataTypeOverride "UseLocalSettings" MinMaxOverflowLogging "UseLocalSettings" MinMaxOverflowArchiveMode "Overwrite" BlockNameDataTip off BlockParametersDataTip off BlockDescriptionStringDataTip off ToolBar on StatusBar on BrowserShowLibraryLinks off BrowserLookUnderMasks off Created "Mon Oct 18 19:12:51 2004" UpdateHistory "UpdateHistoryNever" ModifiedByFormat "%<Auto>" LastModifiedBy "jonathan How" ModifiedDateFormat "%<Auto>" LastModifiedDate "Thu Nov 04 09:26:28 2004" ModelVersionFormat "1.%<AutoIncrement:9>" ConfigurationManager "None" SimParamPage "Solver" LinearizationMsg "none" Profile off ParamWorkspaceSource "MATLABWorkspace" AccelSystemTargetFile "accel.tlc" AccelTemplateMakefile "accel_default_tmf" AccelMakeCommand "make_rtw" TryForcingSFcnDF off ExtModeMexFile "ext_comm" ExtModeBatchMode off ExtModeTrigType "manual" ExtModeTrigMode "normal" ExtModeTrigPort "1" ExtModeTrigElement "any" ExtModeTrigDuration 1000 ExtModeTrigHoldOff ExtModeTrigDelay ExtModeTrigDirection "rising" ExtModeTrigLevel ExtModeArchiveMode "off" ExtModeAutoIncOneShot off ExtModeIncDirWhenArm off ExtModeAddSuffixToVar off ExtModeWriteAllDataToWs off ExtModeArmWhenConnect on ExtModeSkipDownloadWhenConnect off ExtModeLogAll on ExtModeAutoUpdateStatusClock on BufferReuse on RTWExpressionDepthLimit 5 SimulationMode "normal" Solver "ode45" SolverMode "Auto" StartTime "0.0" StopTime "1000" MaxOrder 5 MaxStep "auto" MinStep "auto" MaxNumMinSteps "-1" InitialStep "auto" FixedStep "auto" RelTol "1e-3" AbsTol "auto" OutputOption "RefineOutputTimes" OutputTimes "" Refine "1" LoadExternalInput off ExternalInput "[t, u]" LoadInitialState off InitialState "xInitial" SaveTime on TimeSaveName "tout" SaveState off StateSaveName "xout" SaveOutput on OutputSaveName "yout" SaveFinalState off FinalStateName "xFinal" SaveFormat "Array" Decimation "1" LimitDataPoints on MaxDataPoints "1000" SignalLoggingName "sigsOut" ConsistencyChecking "none" ArrayBoundsChecking "none" AlgebraicLoopMsg "warning" BlockPriorityViolationMsg "warning" MinStepSizeMsg "warning" InheritedTsInSrcMsg "warning" DiscreteInheritContinuousMsg "warning" MultiTaskRateTransMsg "error" SingleTaskRateTransMsg "none" CheckForMatrixSingularity "none" IntegerOverflowMsg "warning" Int32ToFloatConvMsg "warning" ParameterDowncastMsg "error" ParameterOverflowMsg "error" ParameterPrecisionLossMsg "warning" UnderSpecifiedDataTypeMsg "none" UnnecessaryDatatypeConvMsg "none" VectorMatrixConversionMsg "none" InvalidFcnCallConnMsg "error"...
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This note was uploaded on 11/07/2011 for the course AERO 16.333 taught by Professor Alexandremegretski during the Fall '04 term at MIT.

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ac3_lat - Model { Name "ac3_lat" Version 5.0...

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