EventResponse#2 - 1 Lavallee Jenna Lavallee 7 March 2011...

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1 Lavallee Jenna Lavallee 7 March 2011 Response 2 Theater 100 Night on the Galactic Railroad Response Night on the Galactic Railroad is a play portraying the journey to heaven. The play’s two main characters, Giovanni and Campanella, travelled to the Zodiac Train Station where they encountered numerous characters with unique personas journeying to heaven. The play’s production strives to show how each conflict and person Giovanni and Campanella encountered brought them one step closer to their final destination. Every new person they met attempted to enlighten Giovanni and Campanella on god, true happiness, and death. The play began with Giovanni and Campanella in science class at school. All of the students rode in on their scooters, which then doubled as a desk for class. Giovanni and Campanella stood out from the other children because of their few subtle differentiations in clothing. They both had bright ties and socks, and their uniforms were slightly different than the rest of the students. The class learned about the Milky Way Galaxy. Giovanni is assailed by the class bully, Zanelli, a prominent conflicting character throughout the play. Zanelli mocked Giovanni during class for his shyness when asked questions by the teacher. He also heckled Giovanni about his low economic status and how he had a job afterschool to help his mother financially. The audience can tell within the first scene of the play that Zanelli was the antagonist of the play. Instead of Giovanni standing up for himself when made fun of by Zanelli, Campanella must as it was her purpose to give herself to others as a way of finding true happiness.
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EventResponse#2 - 1 Lavallee Jenna Lavallee 7 March 2011...

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