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Lavallee Jenna Lavallee Theater 100 Event Response #3 11 April 2011 Response to UMASS Production of Scarcity There are a number of ways to interpret a play depending upon the way in which it is presented to you. Some may read the play and create their own interpretations to the text. Others may or may not have read the play, but they watch the performance put on by the director and the actors who show you exactly what they want you to see. The director manipulates certain aspects of a performance, like the set, lighting, costumes, sounds, to relay their message of the play to the audience. The director of the UMASS production of Scarcity specifically used the elements of the set and lights to influence the audience. The set of Scarcity was a combination of a Thrust Stage and Simultaneous Stage. The audience surrounded three sides of the stage, and the other side was reserved for the play. This means that the fourth side was where the actors entered and exited the stage. Scarcity also was a Simultaneous Stage, meaning that the set never changed. The director purposely created a set that never changed and the audience would view the performance from three sides. The stage consisted of two rooms: the living room and the kitchen. The living room advanced deeper in to the audience, as the kitchen was set farther back toward the fourth side of the stage that was reserved from the play. The living room had two couches and one armchair
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ScarcityResponse - Lavallee 1 Jenna Lavallee Theater 100...

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