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Lavallee Theater Review: Twelfth Night Costumes Accentuated Character’s Role in Comedic Production By Jenna Lavallee The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s production of Twelfth Night was an excellent interpretation of Shakespeare’s play. The director, Dawn Monique Williams, utilized certain elements highlighting play’s theme of ambiguous identity and it’s role in love. The director did an admirable job of designing costumes reflective of the actors’ character, which resulted in strengthening their performance and play’s theme. Dawn Monique Williams emphasized the characters’ nature and performance through her choice of costumes. The actors’ costumes emphasized their role within the story and the themes of Twelfth Night. Viola and Sebastian wore the same attire throughout the play. Their identical costumes symbolized the ambiguity of their characters’ identifies. The director’s wit when dressing Viola and Sebastian in the same costume was an excellent choice because it emphasized to the audience that all of the other characters were mixing them up throughout the play. Viola and Sebastian were able to switch their identities throughout the play due to their identical
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TwelfthNightReview - Lavallee 1 Theater Review: Twelfth...

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