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Jenna Lavallee Educational Psychology Wendy Kohler 2 May 2011 Seminar Paper #3: Instructional Strategies Devised for Classroom Differentiation It is very common for teachers to work with unique groups of students in their classrooms. There are different strategies utilized by teachers that account for diverse student populations evident in their classrooms. As a prospective teacher, I would use a few strategies recommended by Dr. Carol Tomlinson for the design and delivery of instructions in a diverse classroom. I am in agreement with many points made by Dr. Tomlinson that stress the importance of responding to the needs of each student. There are a number of teachers today who do not abide by this principle. These teachers do not attend to students’ individual needs, resulting in students falling behind and becoming disinterested in learning. In my classroom, I would utilize guidelines that ensure my students’ individual needs are recognized and accounted for. The key to student success in differentiated classrooms is to have a concrete learning
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Lavallee_SeminarPaper3 - Lavallee 1 Jenna Lavallee...

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