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anthro8 - centralized to their leaders The models used to...

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Yogini Patel Anthro Discussion #8: Mayans 1. The focus of research so often has been on investigating the “central authority” in Classic Mayan states because despite the substantial amount of research, hypothesizing, no agreement exists amongst archaeologists on the nature of the classic period of the Mayan social and political organization. 2. The information we have on the Mayans leads archaeologists to believe that the focus of the roles of these “elite leaders” were patrilineal, matrilineal and congatic. They have described their political system to be both segmentary and
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Unformatted text preview: centralized to their leaders. The models used to help archaeologists to interpret the date are borrowed from other societies. 3. We do have the right to assume that there were central rulers. Some ways that we know the power was centralized to the ruler is that every single Mayan king has created some form of monument to prove his power. Some still stand and some are in ruin. Mayan kinds were expected to legitimize their claim their power, so one of the ways was to build a temple or a pyramid. Just like the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians....
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