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Yogini Patel September 24, 2010 ANTHRO-150 Discussion Farming is the “Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race?” I do not agree with Jared Diamond, that farming is the worst mistake in history that the human race has made. I personally feel that it is the best mistake they have stumbled upon! Farming is defined as the creation and maintenance of an artificial ecosystem by the human race. Farming was and is still used to supply civilizations with necessary staples in order to survive. In various regions farmers plant and grow different produce. Farmers in different regions could domesticate special types of fruits, seeds, and plants. Having specific plants known to a specific region allowed for the locals to sell to their own and trade with others from different areas. They are the reason why we started to trade with other people. It was the beginning of the world’s first global economy!
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Unformatted text preview: In the readings and lectures we learned about three different types of farming, horticulture, which was a smaller version of farming for local communities. This allowed for them to survive in their natural habitats. Agriculture was farming on larger plots of land with advanced irrigations and fertilization. Examples of agriculture can be seen in my different civilizations like the Natufian. They were always collecting grass, barley and sickle. We learned that most of their people thrived on wild grass. Also, there were the pastoralists. They moved with their pastors. Many pastoralists could be seen still today in central Asia. If it weren’t for farming, none of our dining commons would be filled with the fresh food that it is today!...
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