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Yogini Patel Anthro Discussion Archaeologists define the term collapsed in terms of when a civilization is breakdown literally and metaphorically or crumbling down to its end. All the civilizations have slowly met their match whether it was due to an external reason like lack of resources or internal where the government was having its own struggle amongst its people. All the cultures have collapsed because no one believes in those gods follows that way of life because of new modern technology. We say that the Mayan civilization collapsed because there are no Mayans left. When their civilization died out so did their people. As for the renaissance or the Europeans their history and religion still exists and can be traced back clearly. Where as the Mayans it is very obscure. The cause for the sharp decline of the Mayan civilization in the lowlands of Guatemala was for a long time unknown. Eventually it was found that the reason was malnutrition, caused by the overexploitation of the rainforest ecosystem on which the Mayans depended for food, and
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Unformatted text preview: by overpopulation Internal wars and water shortages were merely contributing factors. Mesopotamians suffered a similar fate. The collapse of the civilization that occupied the Euphrates River basin of the Great Fertile Crescent was different only in that it was caused by extensive irrigation, introduced without adequate drainage, that eventually led to salination and water-logging of the soil. The one thing that we know with certainty about the causes of the collapse is that they were internal. Egypt was not invaded by a foreign people and was not involved in a major war or even any military action other than routine policing of the few points at which it was not isolated from the rest of the world by natural barriers. There appears to have been a steady trickle of migration into Egypt, but there is no reason to suppose that the immigrants were sufficiently numerous and active either to affect the character of the Egyptian population or to attempt an uprising....
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