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Recompetent plasma Dna ligase – 6 DNA molecules Base pairing is important in number situation- replicating DNA, sequencing, dna finger printing—WHAT IS THE IMPORTANT ROLE? Restriction enzymes, what do they do? Some characteristics of the human Transcription factors What technique is used to sort dna based on size? Are genes distributed equally across the human genome What are the cause of the bands in chromosomes, when you add dyes to it and view it under the microscope According to US law, identical genetic test on new born babies regardless of the state of the babies birth? Does every state have its own test or blanket test for all 50? Risk of giving birth to kids with down syndrome with age of the mom; WHY? Mutations of genes can cause because…… X and y chromosomes are sex chromosomes. FACT.
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Unformatted text preview: • In order to fit genome in nucleus of cell, the dna is fit into structures called • What is required to get the perfect distribution of chromosomes in the daughter cell • Restriction enzymes. . • A child will receive how many chromosomes from its biological mother. • A person inheriting 3 copies of any chromosomes. . how is that condition described • What is true of Messenger RNA. . know facts • Folding is important in protein production • Why do you have a lead apron when you get an xray at the dentists • People who have cystic fibrosis>>> know what it is and symptons • Genetic testing can identify what of the following: list them • A karyotype is used to determine what kind of diseases… genetic number or chromosome numbers...
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