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polisci reaction paper - Yogini Patel 8th Amendment: Cruel...

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Yogini Patel 8 th Amendment: Cruel and Unusual Punishment Albert Camus once said, “For centuries the death penalty, often accompanied by barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists.” Till this date, this statement holds true. The topic of death penalty has come up very often in the last few weeks. However, the topic of concern is mainly about the drug used in many executions, sodium thiopental, which acts like an anesthetic. Many companies that produce this drug are against the use of it on inmates on death row. A blend of European objections and major national market forces has put a halt on the nation’s biggest and busiest execution chamber with enough sodium thiopental for two executions. Like many of the states that condone the death penalty, Texas, has relied on a three-drug concoction in which the sodium thiopental acts like an anesthetic leaving the inmates unconscious as the other two drugs stopped the heart and lungs to cause death. Recently in the last month, only known American company, Hospira Inc., announced it would stop selling the drug due to the fact that the Italian authorities wanted a guarantee that the drug that would be manufactured in the Italian plant would not be
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polisci reaction paper - Yogini Patel 8th Amendment: Cruel...

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