Poli Sci 121—World Politics

Poli Sci 121—World Politics - Poli Sci...

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Poli Sci 121—World Politics Realism: How do realists manipulate the world Balance of power if you have power you try to prevent other states from becoming powerful. used by realists against other states which are considered main adversaries. most commonly used technique of control Imperialism a technique used by the strong against the weak you coercively assert your will against another state. Directly or indirectly. Hegemonic Control method of indirect control of another state through a hegemonic system requires a state to have so much power that they can essentially manipulate the entire system. Kautilya 300 BCE wrote about the balance of power, wrote telling princes how to govern their affairs. Molotov - Ribbentrop Treaty of 1939 Hitler - Stalin They both realized that a war was going to break out in Europe. Hitler needed to attack France in order to gain power, but that the Russians would take advantage of that, so
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Poli Sci 121—World Politics - Poli Sci...

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