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polisci121balanceofpowerpaper - Patel 1 IS THE BALANCE OF...

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Patel 1 I S THE BALANCE OF POWER STILL A RELEVANT MECHANISM OF CONTROL IN THE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM ? C AN YOU CITE ANY CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES OF HOW IT IS BEING USED BY STATES TODAY ? Yogini Patel #25262557 Vincent Ferraro October 27, 2011 Political Science 121 World Politics Balance of Power In international relations, a balance of power exists when there is a uniformity or stability between competing forces. It is one of the oldest and most referred to concepts in history due to its dependability in the past. Today, very few practices of the balance of power have yet to be seen in distinct form. Morton Kaplan summarizes the ‘Balance of Power’ in six simple rules. He states first that all states act to increase capabilities but they negotiate instead of rushing into a fight. Secondly, all states that fight than pass the opportunity are increasing their capabilities. Thirdly, that all states stop fighting rather than eliminate an essential state. Fourthly, states band together to oppose any coalition of a state who tries to assume a dominant position. Fifthly, any state showing supranational organizations need to be subdued. Finally, all states permit defeated or constrained are essential states to re-enter the system acceptable role partners must bring some previously inessential state within the essential state classification. All vital states must be accepted as partners. (Ferraro 20 September 2011)
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2 Preserving the balance of power, though certainly know in the ancient world, as the intended goal of foreign policy was last seen in post-medieval Europe amongst the
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polisci121balanceofpowerpaper - Patel 1 IS THE BALANCE OF...

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