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September 21, 2011 I really want to do my position paper Palestine and its attempt to become a state. The Domestic Context of Foreign Policy: - President - Congress - Interest Groups - News Media - Public Opinion “The preservation of liberty requires…that the three great departments of power {executive, legislative, and judiciary} should be separate and distinct.” James Madison, Federalist Paper no 47 Presidential Power Formal Powers - Commander-in-Chief - Power to appoint senior officials. - Power to make treaties. - Power to make executive orders. - Veto Power. Informal Powers - Networks and political ties. - Status as head of state.
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Unformatted text preview: -Personality, persuasiveness. -Bully pulpit. o Use stature and publicity to draw attention to an issue) o We must also look at what is not being said by the president as well as what he does say. -How the President makes Foreign Policy o Chief spokesperson of the nation; responds to foreign events. o Proposes legislation. o Negotiates international agreements. o Issues policy statements. o Implements policy. o Independent action. -Analyzing different theories: o Beliefs o Actors o Primary instruments o Strengths/gaps in explanatory power (What theory fails to predict or explain in a post 9/11 world?)...
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