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“We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal, diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal, and cultural, picking the right tool, or combination of tools, for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of foreign policy.” – Hillary Clinton Constraints on Presidential Power - Power is shared with Congress o Power of the Purse o War Powers Act - Re-election and fixed term. - Chain of command. Bureaucratic Politics: Multiple Actors and Intersts - Halperin and Clabb, ex of ABM decision; highlights importance of interests and bureaucratic politics. - Graham Allison, ex of the Cuban Missile Crisis; “where you stand depends on where.
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Unformatted text preview: Formal Sources of Congressional Power -Budget authority. -Investigative authority. -Confirm senior appointments. -Declaration of War (War Powers Act of 1973) -Reatify Treaties -Committees and Subcommittees. Monday September 26, 2011 Position Paper topic due on Friday! October 5 th Midterm: Review the Study Guide! For each ID: -Define the word in context. o Use the readings to define the terms. Do not use internet! -Explain the significance to American Foreign Policy. Essays: -She picks two and we pick one! Lafeber reading in Jentleson 3.2 (pages 239-245) Informal Sources of Congressional Power -Representative legitimacy. -Issue Exposure o Public Hearings o Floor Debate....
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