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Secrecy as a norm vs. Secrecy as a mode of regulation - As Weber had shown, a culture of bureaucracy will always tend to foster a culture of secrecy.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Secrecy p. 153 How much secrecy can our democracy tolerate? The National Security State Practices and Attitudes that pose a threat to Democracy: 1. Secrecy 2. Centralization 3. Repression 4. Distortion a. – William Hudson, p. 305 Iran-Contra Scandal Thought Experiment… - The CORONA Satellite. - The Intelligence Cycle: Collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence. “Modern espionage requires more than a fast car and a shaken martini; it demands suitable equipment with which to gather, store, and trasmit information.” - Library Journal review of Spycraft: the secret history of the CAIS spytechs. US armed forces continue operations around the globe, with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, several tens of thousands. -
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