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- Interviews: Public officials, representatives of interest groups, technical experts. - Look up interviews. Important Note: - YOU MUST INCLUDE OVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, REPORTS, ACADEMIC ARTICLES AND INTERNATIONAL SOURCES! - Find books on the subject. Look at the background of problem (poliices and interventions) - Evolution of Humanitarian intervention. - Obama/Clinton doctrine of smart power. Wednesdsay October 17, 2011 The Impact of WWII Key Issues in Wartime Planning for the Postwar Peace 1. How to create a viable system of collective security? 2. How to deal with aggressors and prevent a repeat of WWI and II? Collective Security - The term collective security covers a wide array of measures and ideas ranging form armed combat, the negotiated settlement of conflict, and preventive diplomacy to global institutions that foster international peace and well-being. (Stroomberg 1965, Claude 1964) Covenant of the League of Nations - Article 10: States pledged to protect all members against aggression.
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Unformatted text preview: -Article 11: Any way or threat of war was declared to be of concern to all states. -Article 12 & 15: States agreed to submit their disputes to arbitration. -Article 16: Any way disregarding the League of Nations procedure would be regarded as a declaration of war against all members. Linchpins of Post-War Policy -Unconditional Surrender o Disarm and demilitarize Germany and Japan. -Collective Security o Establishment of the United Nations. -Liberal International Economic Order o Free Trade System. -The once powerful, malignant Nazi state is crumblind. The Japanese war lords are receiving, in their own homeland, the retribution for which they asked when they attacked Pearl Harbor. But the conquest of enemeies is not enough. We must go on to do all of our power to conquer the doubts and the fears, the ignorance and the greed, which made this horror possible o Draft of President Roosevelts Jefferson Day Speech, Prepared for April 13, 1945....
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