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Monday October 24, 2011 The Militarization of Containment and the Cold War Arms Race Cold War - Ideological Conflict - Us vs. Them bi-polar lens. - Nuclear Arms Race The Cold War Nuclear Arms Race: Did Nuclear Superiority Matter? Massive Scale - Peak in 1966 nuclear arsenal including more than 32,000 nuclear weapons or warheads. - Shift away from Mutually Assured Destruction. - Apex of Tension: Cuban missile crisis. - Continued nuclear buildup. - ABC (anti-communism and containment) - Vietnam. “The fact that we were able to talk, debate, argue, disagree, and then debate some more was essential in choosing our ultimate course.” = Robert Kennedy EXCOMM Options - Do nothing. - Use diplomatic pressure to get the USSR to remove the missiles. - Launch an air attack on the missiles.
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Unformatted text preview: -Mount a full-scale military invasion. -Attempt a naval blockade of Cuba. “I don’t believe we have considered the consequences…I don’t know quite what kind of a world we live in after we’ve struck Cuba, and we, we’ve started it…How, how do we stop at that point?” – SecDef Robert McNamara. “Despite the administration’s management efforts, the crisis came close to spinning out of control before it ended.” – White House advisor Theodore Sorenson. JFK Announcement -Placed a blockage on Cuba. -Warned Soviets of attack if missile fired. -Brink of nuclear war. Back from the Brink -Soviel missiles removed from Cuba. -US promises not to invade Cuba. -Secret agreement for the US to remove missiles from Italy and Turkey....
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