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Wednesday October 26, 2011 The Brink of Armageddon “ The very definition of the missile crisis has changed. Rather than a sudden episode, the crisis now emerges as the culmination of deteriorating relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, and between the United States and Cuba.” – National Security Archives Document Reader, The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 “Thirteen Days,” beginning with the discovery of Soviet Missiles in Cuba on October 16 and ending with Khruschchev’s decision to withraw the missiles on October 28. Vs. A series of letters between Kennedy and Khrushchev demonstrates that the crisis lasted through late November of 1962, at the very least. What motivated the Soviets to Deploy Nuclear Weapons in Cuba? - Communist expansionism?
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Unformatted text preview: -Deployment of Jupiter Missiles near Soviet borders in Turkey and Italy in 1959 (became operational in April 1962) -Prospect of US invasion of Cuba? -Operation Mongoose o 1962 US covert action program known as Operation Mongoose combined sabotage, infiltration, and psychological warfare activities with military exercises and contingency operations for a possible invasion. Cold War -Apex of Bipolar Tension -Continued Nuclear Buildup -ABC (Anti-Communism and Containment) -The Domino Theory -Vietnam The Legacy of Vietnam -Failure on all fronts (Jentleson): o Peace o Power o Principles o Prosperity -Continuity and Change: o Confronted with limitations as a superpower. The Domestic Legacy of Vietnam -Domestic unrest. -Anti-war protest. -Distrust in Government....
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