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o 120+ ethnic groups o 30,000 nuclear weapons. o Control of Eastern Europe and much of Thid World. US Triumphalist Narrative Reagan Doctrine - “Evil empire speech.” - Renewed confrontation and arms buildup. - The Strategic Defense Initiative (popularly known as Star Wars) to provide the United States with umbrella-like protection from Nuclear attack. Precipitating - Gorbachev (individual/leader) - Intermediate o Soft power of liberal ideas and imperial overstretch. - Deep o Decline of communist ideology and failure of Soviet economy. Reykjavik Summit (October 1986) In the Final Session - Gorbachev said he wanted to eliminate all strategic forces, not just ballistic missiles. Two Views - Reagan and Gorbachev set out a vision of a wolrd free of the nuclear threat. Vs. - Failure to overcome East-West Military confrontation o Gorbachev insisted on linking the SDI program to any agreement to eliminate INF
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Unformatted text preview: missiles or conventional forces in Europe. Gorbachev’s Reforms -Perestroika = restructuring. -Glasnost = Open discussion and democratization. -New thinking = Common security and doctrine of sufficiency expansionism more costly than beneficial (Afghanistan). Gorbachev’s Domestic Agenda -Changes approximating a market economy (bolstering a failing command economy) -Democratic political institutions, free elections. -Official accountability. -Respect for rule of law at home (decentralized power). -Unanticipated consequences: He was removed. Realist explanations -CW started with shift in military capabilities and ended for the same reson. o System structure depends on distribution of power. -CW ended because of collapse of Soviet economy. o US arms race ran USSR into the ground....
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