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Art History-page1 - o Different groups of hunter/gathers...

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Shaman Henge Trilithon Post and Lintel Mortise and Tenon Prehistoric Art, before written records, otherwise known as the ice age. Starting of in 30,000 BCE. Paleolithic - Made out of stones. Neolithic Venis of Villandorf - Picture of a fat statue - 24,000 BCE. - Found near Veildorf in Austria. - 4 inches tall. - An iceage. - Stone - Originally painted red. - It is carved. - The medium is sculpture. - It is sculpture in the round. - This is an abstract artwork. - Censor the form without replicating nature. - Found in areas where the iceage lived. - Why did they make these things?
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Unformatted text preview: o Different groups of hunter/gathers, used it as a presentation piece to demonstrate that they were friendly. Rubous -17 th Century -Statue of a White Tall Woman. Using her arms to cover her body. -She is the wife. -He loved this women. It is a very sexual imagine. -This is a demonstration of the relationship between the artist and his wife. Mane -Picture of gentlemen and a nude woman in the middle of the picture. -It was painted to upset people. Rebvua -It is a painting of his wife. -The hair is soft and silk looking. -The people in the iceage did not write....
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