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Cave Paintings - The Dordonia, Central France near the Atlantic coast of France. - People would live for short periods of time in the caves. - The paintings are located deep in the cave…in areas where there would never be any daylight. Spotted Horses - The Medium was Urin or Blood. - They applied it using their fingers, hair as brushes, and blowing paint out of their mouth. They also used a pipe like tool. - Two dimensional. - They added the hands. - They were added later on. Hall of Bulls - 15,000 BCE - Lascaux Caves in Dordonge France - Many images are painted in the Lascaux cave. - Animals are painted one ontop of the other. - Some in a simple outline others can be uneven. - They are flat images. Bison in Altimira, Spain - 12,500 BCE, Midway of the northern coast of Spain. - Discovered in the 19 th century. - Thought to be a forgery, but later discovered to be an original as other caves were discovered.
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Unformatted text preview: -It is a closed cave, you need to get permission to go. -The Bison are on the upper surface of the cave. -You can probably reach up and touch them. -The Painter used the natural bumps in the ceiling as the backdrop of the cave. -There is greater attention to detail the Altimira Painting. o It is dark on the outside. o Lighter tones in the middle of the imagine. o It looks more 3D, by a shading application. -The curled up animal. o Known as one of the greatest masterpieces of the Iceage. o Transition from life to death. -Why make the paintings of the iceage? o Shaman; Medicine man or magic man of a tribe. o These people functioned by going into a trance by chewing on semi poisonous substance, they thought they could aid their group by communicating with the spirits. o That animals were power, they were admired. Animals were viewed as go betweens between the real world and the spirit world....
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