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Art History-page4 - They are placed in the house of warship...

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- They are placed in the house of warship for the purpose of communicating with the gods. - They are made with while alabaster and gypso and limestone. - The stones are precious, they had to be imported. - The eyes are made of laphus, that come for Afghanistan. - The rest of the body is pretty simple and geometric. - Inscriptions are run down the side of the statuettes, basically what the people want from the Gods. Therefore, its like the statues replace the people. - Some people believed the statues had a spirit of their own. Egyptians invited hieroglyphics. - Most of Egypt is desert. - In July, the Nile floods the banks of the Nile and it lasts from July-October. - Consequences of the annual flooding of the Nile: o Practical: It took peoples attention away from everything else. o Spiritual: The regular pattern of repitition made the Egyptians to believe in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth for people. - Mummification o Took them 1000 years to discover the proper way to mummify.
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