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Art History-page5 - -Dipylon o One of the gates of Athens...

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- Howard Carter who was the excavater, who paid for the expenses of King Tut. - They found it on the 4 th of November in 1942. He waited until the 26 th of November to open it. - The tomb was robbed. - The Inner Coffin 1320 BCE. o He was in multiple coffins. The most inner one is 245 pounds of solid gold. o Inside the gold coffin was the actual mummy wearing the gold mask. o He was mummified. o Not sure how he died. Monday September 19, 2011 Ziggurat at Ur at 2100 BCE, built for Nanna the mood goddess. Egypt - The biggest pyramid is over 500 feet tall. - Constructed over a 20 year period. - King Tut’s grave was robbed twice. - The inner coffin is 245 lbs of solid gold. Greek: Male Nudity as cultural ideal in Greek art. - Greeks were the first Humanist! o The potential of the individual human being. - Greece is close to Egypt and Mesopotamia.
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Unformatted text preview: -Dipylon o One of the gates of Athens, it is a double gate. -With a few iron tools or weapons. -The Greeks cremated their dead. -Funerary o Krater from the Dipylon cemetery, Athens, now in New York c 750 BCE. o 3.5 ft tall. o The decoration is abstract or geometric shape. o KRater Punch bowl shape. Used for water and wine. -Freize: o A ban of decoration used for sculpture and decoration. o The dead person is shown in the picture. o There are animals. There is the body of the deceased. o The dead person is probably male because the honor guard are carring spears and weapons. o The shape suggests that it is for male. o It is a symbol of a male drinking party. o They decorate the surface with abstract paintings. o The community over the individual became the creator of democracy in Greek....
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