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Kouros from Attica in 600 BCE Nudity. - Figure of a nude male youth. - Made of pink marble. - 6ft tall. - He has preserved some of his redness. - Used as grave markers. - No culture had ever set up monuments to nude figures before. - In the Bible, nakedness means defeat and vulnerability. - The Greeks turned nudity to an idea of strength. - The Greeks wanted to free the figure from the stone. - The Egyptians have worn kilts in their sculptures. - Symmetry. - Egyptian statue are more realistic. The Greek ones are a little too perfect. - The Kroisos kouros of 530 BCE o Similar to the ones from 600 BCE. - Nudity o The men trained naked. - Neither figures are looking at us. They are looking through us or above us. - They are made out to be heroes. Kritios Boy in Athens at 480 BCE
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Unformatted text preview: -34 inches high. -Made of marble. -He is probably an athlete. -He is a symmetrical. o Not symmetrical. -It gives him a more life like aspect. -Contrapposto o A shift in weight. -Face o He looks thoughtful instead. Half smile playing on his face. o Very much in the here and now. o Marks the beginning of a human consciousness. -Why is this happening now? o The victories over the Persians gave the Greeks a sense of their accomplishments and physical ability. Charioteer of Delphi 470 BCE. -Part of a group of a 4 horse chariot. -One of the few clothed. -The torso is twisted. -The face is almost expressionaless. -He is very calm and in control of himself. Selfrestrant. -Hubris: Boastful pride. Thinking you are bigger than you are....
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