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Art History-page8 - Kristios Boy Athens 480 BCE Asymmetry...

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is worshipped in the Pandroseion adjacent to the Erechtheion. peplos: A simple draped garment for women, often made of heavy, woollen cloth. polytheism: The worship of many gods (in contrast to monotheism, the worship of one god). Poseidon: Known as the blue-maned earth shaker, he is brother of Zeus. His implement is the trident. refinements: Slight modifications used to embellish a Greek temple. Their purpose is much debated. Sophocles: One of the 3 great authors of Greek tragedies in fifth-century Athens. Votive offerings: Gifts offered by ancient Greek worshippers to their gods and left for them in their sanctuaries. Zeus: God of the sky and of justice, his implement is the thunderbolt. Where Zeus strikes must remain open to the sky, as we see in the Erechtheion. September 21, 2011 Krater from the Dipylon cemetery 750 BCE. Myron, Discobolus (Discus thower) Roman Copy after Original in 450 BCE
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Unformatted text preview: Kristios Boy, Athens 480 BCE. Asymmetry: Lack of symmetry. The Greek Temple: Myth, the Gods and Dynamic Equilibrium Contrapposto Polykleitos Spear Bearer (Doryphoros) 440 BCE (Roman Copy) -On page 134 in text. -Original would have been in bronze. -He would usually have a spear bigger than him in his flexed hand. -Dynamic equilibrium. The Parthenon -Setting o Often situated on high ground. o The idea of going up and communicating with the Gods. o Its located on Acropolous, a high place (a hill). o Sanctuary of the Gods placed on thie highest part of the mountain. -The Political Background o Greek city is known as Polis, meaning City-States. o Athens is considered the greatest of the Greek City States because it was the one that practiced democracy. o There were lots of committees and a huge bureaucracy....
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