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o The size of Athens is roughly the size of Umass Amherst campus. o To be a citizen you had to be a 25 year old male who owned land. o Pericles of Athens, one of the politicians. Most influential man of Athens around 450. He is a military man. In 450 BCE, he convinces the Athenians to rebuild the temples. Because Athens had the best ships, they took money from the other Greeks and brought it to Athens to beautify the city. He said that whos business is it how we spend the money, since we are providing the protection. He used the money for four buildings, the Parthenon, the Gateway, o After the Persians destroyed many towers, for at least 20 years the Athens did not rebuild the temples. They used the ruins as a reminder/memorial. o Athens became - Style o Parthenon is made completely of Marble. o The Capital is the head, referring it to the column. o The idea is to show the weight of the temple. o
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