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- The woman is picking out a thing of jewlry out of the box that both figures are holding tight. - The Greeks buried their dead with the finest clothes and jewlry. - Selecting the jewlry, sets up the pointed contrast between the image and herself on a normal day. - There is no facial emotional. The body language conveys more. - There is interaction between the two if them. Statues are often shown of younger people. 5-45 Aphrodite of Cnidos, Roman Copy after original by Praxiteles, 350 BCE. - Nude woman figure. - First female nude. - The statue is found in the Vatican. - The artist was commissioned to carve a cult imagine, one was clothed and the other wsa naked. - Became a major tourist attraction. - A massive shrine was created for the statue. - A man snuck into the building and had sex with the statue. - It is made out of marble. - The drapery covers a water part. The guarment is something she took off. And the statue says that she is going to take a nap. -
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