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Altar of Zeus from Pergamon 160 BCE, now in Berlin. - Uses myth as a metaphor. - 5-54 Gigantomachy or battle between gods and giants. Sons of Earth. - Athena is defending mount Olympus. - One of the giants is reaching out to his mother, and Athena is pulling him up by the hair to separate the bond and kill him. 5-55 Laocoon and his Sons 1 st Century CE. - Statue of Priest of …. . - Tried to warn the Greeks of the Trojan war. - He was killed by gods. - All three are dead/dying. - The one of the right is being killed by the snake. - The one on the left, the foot looks lifeless. - The one in the middle is being tortured. - Very melodramatic. - It was made for a roman emperor. Friday September 29, 2011 Steps with Sculpture.
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Unformatted text preview: Cheriot Picture -In action sculpture. -Cheriot is the main subject. -Secondary subjects include the warrior figures going after the cheriot and the animals under the horse. -Secondary subjects are more stiff. Less fluid looking. -Made out of alabaster marble. -Darker areas means it is raised a little bit higher. -Vantage point is best if you are staring at it straight on. Relief? -How much the sculpture comes out. The figures are still attached. o Low relief is that it just comes up a little. o High relief is when it comes up a lot. o Sculture in the round is that it is separate from the material. The Jesus Thing -Limestone. -High relief. The Gates of Paradice -Made of bronze....
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