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Bronze Sculpture, first - Standing over the head of Galieth. - First nude statue since antiquities. - Made out of bronze. - Made for the Medici palace in Florence. - It was in the center of their courtyard. Quiz Next Week! Friday October 7 th , look at the hand out for information! 1. Definitions: Detailed definition in complete sentence. 1 Example. Full id info. 2. Ten identifications, 1 minute each. You give the complete info on the lecture hand outs. 3. Extended identifications. 1. Give complete id info. 2. Id the medium (sculpture, painting, archi) 3. Id subject 4. Dicuss in complete sentences the style. 5. Discuss the meaning of the work covered in lecture. Artist, date, title, Studying Tips - Make Flash Cards! o Do it through power point.
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Unformatted text preview: -Years need to be with in ten years. Museum paper is due the 15 th ! Office horus are before class. Monday October 3, 2011 The Roman Conquest of Nature: Architecture for the People You need to know the historical background and the context. -The Romans conquer the Greeks in the first century BCE. -Took more than just one night. -Rome is more nonsense type. -The Romans conquered the entire area that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea. -The standard of living improved for just about everyone. Compare a Greek Temple to a Roman One. -The Parthenon is Doric. -The Roman one is ionic. -The Roman columns are attached to the wall. -The Gable Ore Pedimental is still on top. (The Triangular top)....
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