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Temple of Portunus - Late 2 nd BCE - The Romans put it up on a base. - Also, there is a single enterance. - The Cella is the one room in the Roman Temple. - The porch has columns that are free standing. - The material is limestone. They put plaster it over to look like Marble because it is cheaper. - Frontality: The focus on the Ficade. The Romans loved advertising things big. - Axiality: One single access through the buildings. Understanding how the Arch Works - Keystone: The top stone in the Arch. Placed last. - Voussoir: Stone placed in an arch form. - Easy to build. Diagram of arch, barrel & groin vaults. Pont du Gard, Nimes (france) - Late 1 st century BCE. - Biggest Roman bridges. 160 feet tall. The height of a 16 story building. - It brought 10,000 gallons of drinking water a day. - The lowest arches are 80 feet in diameter. - It is made out of cut stone blocks.
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Unformatted text preview: -30 Miles Long. -Roman building materials, man-made concrete + facing, much more practical than quarrying stone in blocks. o Easy, cheap, fire-proof. o Roman concrete allows modeling into different shapes Based on the Arch. Sanctuary of Fortuna, Palestrina 100 BCE. -The arches are barrel vaults. -They were enhancing nature by creating more space. -Classicizing 6-34, 35, Colosseum, Rome 80 BCE. -It’s a 160 Ft. -615 ft by 510. -Classicizing Elements o Columns go up all the way through/attached. o They use concrete. -Cross Vault = 2 Barrel Vaults intersecting at 90 Degrees. -They had sails that they used for the creation of shade. -Wooden floor covered in sand. -They made elevator shafts underneath the Colosseum to bring in and out animals. 6-45-58 Pantheon, Rome, 125 BCE. -Pantheon = “To all the Gods.”...
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