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- One of the few Roman buildings to preserve its appearance inside and outside. - The inside is all Roman. - Walk through a huge bronze door into a gigantic rotunda. - Oculus = Means Eye, at the top of the Rotunda. - The base of the Rotunda wall is 20 ft thick. - There are little shrines to the planetary Gods inside. - Structural system = Barrel Vaults. - 5 Rows of Coffers leading up to the oculus. - Coffers = Recessed screens. - The height of the building is equal to its diameter, making it a sphere. - There are 28 coffers. - The Pantheon demonstrates Roman control over the world and power over human beings. - Frontality! - Based on the Arch. - Concrete engineering for dramtic affect. - The important things are all inside. - More concerned with interior space. - Eventually the dome cracked. Wednesday October 5, 2011 The Art of Spin or How to Craft a Political Imagine in Rome. - Focused on the practical. - Taming nature in the name of the people.
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Unformatted text preview: In 509 BCE -The last king is expelled from Rome. -Definition of Roman art is anything that is made within the Roman empire. o It passed on to the European world. 6-18 Augustus from Primaporta 20 BCE -First Roman emperor. -The original of the statue, we think was made out of bronze. -It is 68. -Same stance as the spear bearer from Greece. -This stance is how you would make a speech in Rome. -The clothing is important because it shows that he is a general. He is wearing armor, carrying the generals staff. -Cupid, son of Venus, is hanging off of Augustus. -Trying to demonstrate that he is not an ordinary man, that he has the Gods supporting him. -The Armor Plate o Augustus is being handed a staff/stick/insignia from a barbarion king. o The other people all around, are Gods. -All of this portray Augustus as a dynamic leader. The new Alexander the Great. -In 20 BCE, he was 45 years old....
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