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Compare head of Augustus to this Roman Aristocrats 80 BCE. - Very sharp lines and smooth skin on Augustus. - The Aristocrat is covered with wrinkles, and no smooth skin, and he is also balding. - Classicism: - Verism: True to life. Pg. 170 Roman Aristocrat Holding Busts of his Ancestor, early 1 st CE. - Atrium: - The way that healthy Roman senators dressed themselves. The idea was to demonstrate that they are experienced and the physical tole their work for the Roman Republic has done. Portrait of Livia, Augustus’ Wife 20 BCE from Peompeii - Second wife of Augustus. - He married her when she was 6 months pregnant with her second son, from her first husband. - The eyes are very big and she is covered with a veil to demonstrate her modesty. - Woman’s hair conveys sexuality in the Roman world, so married women cover their hair. - Very little of her body is visiable. - Her nipples are showing through the garment. Female fertility is very important. Severan Family Painted Portrait 200 BCE
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