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o The idea of harmony, they are all getting along. This is complete fiction. - On the inside of the altar, are sculpted gardens. - On the shor tends of the altar, you see mythological creatures. - One of the only examples of contemporary art from the Roman time. 6-32 Arch of Titus, Rome after 81 CE. - Made of marble. - Looks like a free standing gate. - It has an impressive ficade. - A huge inscription marking the second destruction of the Jewish temple and then the Jews were brought back to help build the Roman Collesium. - Inside the arch is very important. It has a barrel vault and a huge freeze on either side. - You are flanked by these huge reliefs that are 8 ft tall. - This is a triumphal arch that celebrates roman conquest. - In the relief, it shows multiple things that show you it was the defeat of the Jews. - What we call a historical relief because it combines historical events with mythological elements. -
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