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- Catacombs: Places of burial. - Roman laws prohibited desecration of cemeteries. - Deep underground. They cut tunnels under the rock of Rome. - There are small rooms, where people gathered for funeral services or to pray for the dead. It is in these rooms that you find the earliest Christian paintings. o Medium = Painting. o Cross like shape with bell arms. - Figure in the Center o Jesus is in the middle. Based on the new testament where Jesus refers to himself as the shepard. o Closer to the classical style than Moses was. o Two dimensional surface, but the artist has used shading differences and what not to make it look 3D. o God is a comelon, sometimes he is this, sometimes he is that. o The majority of Christians were slaves/poor. It appealed to the lower class. o Shepards were poor, humble, a common man’s occupation. Santa Sabina, Rome Italy 423-32. - Christians were able to come out of hiding. -
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