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o This church is fucking huge! o Hagia Sophia vs. Santa Sabina Both have columns and arches and they both have clerestory. Both come out of the Roman tradition. Differences is that Hagia has a second floor, as well as a dome. Hagia is just huge. It is vertical. This building expands in all directions. o Hagia Sophia was an outcome of Justinians need to secure power and maintain it. He came to Hagia Sophia on Christmas and Easter, wearing his giant crown, demonstrating his power and prestige. o In the middle ages, it was considered one of the wonders of the world. Burial Ship, Oseburg, Norway 815-20. - Found in the beginning of the last century in the hill side. - The Vikings were great ship builders, making ships of aero dynamic. - They also used their ships as coffins. They believed in life after death. - That in order ot get into the next life, you needed to cross a river, hence the need for a boat. -
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