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- Subject: o Nave view. o Straight down the nave, we don’t see the asiles, but we know they are there. - Choir is - The architects had painted the walls to make it look like marble…even though it was not. - A building that expresses itself through Roman techniques. - Meaning: o Religious. o Associated with pilgrimage. o People came from all over Europe to seek supernatural favors, health, mental, etc. o Many people still do come here for this purpose. o Built as a symbol of the power and the wealth of the clergy. o Sign of power. o Ordinary people could not see the choir. o Message was: You can get as close, but not too close, not as close as the aristocratic clergy. Transept Cathedral of St. James, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 1078-1122 - Utilized for pilgrimages. - 400 ft high. - Enlarged in the 17 th century. - One change would be in the composition of the support. In stead of a column, we get a bundle of column. The profile bulges. Small columns that surround a larger column. - Better organized, and it looks stronger.
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Unformatted text preview: -The columns tie the walls, the ground, and the ceiling together. -This is the body of the apostle of crhist. Friday October 14, 2011 I would feel more comfortable and welcomed into the structure on the right. There is more light, it is wide open, clearly enough room for multiple people to be in it at once. -The oculus The structure on the left, is darker, smaller, hidden, not open in space. I imagine that there is very little light. Barrel Vault: An arch extended into space. Forms a tunnel-like space. A semi-cylindrical extension of an arch. Groin Vault: Two barrelt vaults intersecting at a right angle. The point of intersection absorbs most of the pressure. The vaults lean against one another creating an internal support system. Monday October 17, 2011 Church of Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain 1100 -Cloister: Open space in center, surrounded by a color walkway, reserved for clergy. Only one day of the year, non clergy were allowed in it....
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