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- Christ and Disciples on the Road to Emmaus Sculpture o Carved in relief. o Really good example of Romanesque. o We have the human form. o This sculpture o Jesus is made bigger, to demonstrate his importance. o Meaning: On the pouch that Christ is carrying, it is a shell, which is the symbol of a pilgrimage. Inspiration for monks to follow the appostales. St. Pierre, Moissac, France 1115-30 - The building is meant to awe people. - Barrel voults used at the entrance. - Lion sculptures were around the door. Used to symbolize protection. - Next to the door is the Prophet Jeremiah, it is very Romanesque. o It is very stretched out. He is very long. o His body is twisted. o Often with Romanesque, there is always a sense of motion or agitation. As if they were dong a dance. It always catches your attention. o He is there as a doorman. - Top of the Barrel Vault o Supernatural structure. o God/Christ, seated on a thrown being adorned by these strange creatures. o There are 24 little kings strumming on musical instruments.
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Unformatted text preview: o The angels are drawn out in space. o The figure of God is larger and dead center. o Behind the head of Christ, was a circle and then a God in the circle. Suppose to represent rays of light coming from his head. o Mandorla Italian word for Oman. Full body halo. o Extremely heavy embroidery and jewels on the clothing or different parts of the clothing. -Autun Cathedral, France 1120-35 o The last judgement. o Described as the last day in which the people will be placed in heaven or hell by God. o Disproportional. o Christ is in the center, sense of scaling. o Everything on the right side of him, is the good side. o The bad side is the left side. o One the right, the people are being judged and then going to heaven. o The ones on the left are going to hell. o Strong statement from the Church, explaining to people on how to live their lives .So that at the end, they can go to heaven and not hell....
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